About Iceberg Web Development

Elliot Fisher

About Iceberg

Iceberg Web Development was started in 2013 by Elliot Fisher. Elliot has a strong commercial web development background and holds a Bachelor of Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Science, both majoring in Computer Science, which he completed in 2008 at Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand. Right from its conception Iceberg has steadily built an excellent reputation for customer service and communication, reliability, quality finished products, and overall IT expertise. Elliot is interested in working closely with businesses and organisations to build completely customised, captivating web-based applications and websites. Elliot enjoys collaborating with other professionals including fellow business owners, software developers and graphic designers, to achieve outcomes that meet your needs perfectly.

Why Iceberg?

An iceberg is a good metaphor for the type of app or website I can build for you. A clean user-friendly interface is just the tip of the iceberg; where I really excel is what I can build 'underneath'. For business apps I enjoy developing rich functionality that saves you time and makes your business more efficient to run. Things like automated invoicing systems, customer databases, booking systems; chances are that if you can dream it, I can build it. For business websites I build everything uniquely to your requirements, including my custom content management systems that my customers love. The content management system underlies your website and allows you to update anything about the site that you want, including but certainly not limited to photo galleries, text content and page images. I take pride in the fact that my content management systems are simple to use and are not constrained by templates or cluttered with irrelevant options as with generic content management systems such as WordPress.