All businesses have problems. Iceberg provides web-based solutions.

Custom web development
Do you need an experienced developer to manage a complex web-based project?

Iceberg is directed by Elliot Fisher. I have over a decade of experience in planning, building, testing, publishing, and maintaining software. I have delivered successful projects for a wide range of clients, industries, and technologies.

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Custom business websites
Do you have an idea for a web-based product or service, but lack the technical ability to implement it?

My clients will attest to my excellent communication skills and ability to explain technical concepts in an easy to understand way. I pride myself on my quality of work, and my clients describe me as professional, reliable and personable.

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Live, private progress updates
Are you or your employees wasting time with inefficient business processes?

You may be surprised just how much time can be saved by automating business processes. I can provide key insights into efficiency savings and provide the solution to capitalise on them. I enjoy building bespoke software and believe that the web is an incredibly powerful platform on which to do that.

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Together we have built something that has far exceeded expectations and I've really enjoyed working with you. It's been very rewarding to see it evolve from conception to reality and then also to have it continually improve so comfortably. There have been so few bugs, the data migration went beautifully and the system hasn't crashed once! Your responsiveness to making it all come together so well has been awesome.

In some ways I regret delaying getting a proper system for so long; we could have been so much more efficient with all the admin work much sooner. But those fleeting pangs of regret quickly go away when I think that if I had have tackled this project earlier then I wouldn't have ended up working with you. So I very much doubt that an earlier result would have been as good as what we've built through what I feel is such formidable teamwork. We have built a robust, scalable and user-friendly solution that is the perfect fit for the business. I never could have got that from an off-the-shelf software product...

Simon – Store it cheap

Elliot enlisted our help for the development of the front end of a complex web app for the financial industry. His expert project management skills, an obvious result of lots of experience, meant that the project was handled efficiently and was very enjoyable to work on.

Elliot was able to conceptualise the required solution and turn in into functional requirements with ease. Everything was defined well which meant that integrating into the back end that he had developed was a great experience. I look forward to any future collaborations and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Elliot.

Nick – Lynx Digital